Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast

Our Thanksgiving Feast
We have Pilgrims and Indians.
We have lots of food.
We have lots of parent helpers!

                                     We are ready to eat!
                                        We gave thanks for family and friends.

                                     We sang songs about Pilgrims and Indians.

                                        We are having fun1

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Better Late Than Never! Pumpkin fun!

Before Halloween we had some parents come in to help with carving pumpkins. We had 4 pumpkins with 6 children and a parent at each pumpkin. They had to measure how tall the pumpkin was with cubes, measure around the pumpkin with a measuring tape and then decide on what kind of face to make.

Some of us liked digging right in and scooping out the innards!

Some of us would rather watch!

But we all had fun!

Now a couple weeks later this is what we have...

Two of the pumpkins stayed fairly nice but a little moldy on the inside. The other two collapsed and are completely mushy. The kids have loved watching them rot but I think it is time to say goodbye to them tomorrow after one more activity.