Saturday, May 14, 2011

Plants are growing!

We have read many books about plants and how they grow. The children have been fascinated to learn that we eat seed and roots everyday. Below are a couple examples of the way we have planted seeds.

The children painted a flower and labeled the parts of a flower and then wrote about flowers.

We will post more  plant happenings next week!

Frog build a word game

I found these cute frog candy holders. They work like the plastic Easter eggs. They come apart and inside I put letter tiles spelling some of our popcorn words. The children open one at a time and write what word it spells on the frog recording sheet below (I cannot get it to rotate??).

Each frog has a letter on the back and the student writes the word on the correctly lettered frog.

 I was surprised at how well the children did with this activity.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Growing plants

Come back tomorrow to see what we are doing with our bean seeds!

Measurement Fun!

We learned how to measure objects and people with objects are around the room. We learned to use a ruler,yard stick, and a tapemeasure.

We also learned how to weigh things using a balance.
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