Saturday, November 23, 2013

Catch Up Time

Well it is time to catch up on some blogging! We had a great time on our field trip at Stillwater Prarie. The children learned a lot about trees and the gifts trees give us.

              Jessa and daddy enjoying looking at the top of a tree.

                  Those trees were really tall!

Then we had fun weighing and measuring our pumpkins! The children wrote down how many cubes tall they were and how many links around they were. They also weighed small pumpkins with balances and bear counters.

More to come next week about what we are doing with the rotting pumpkins! Ewwwww! They really stink!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013





 Dr. Seuss Day!

Everyone started out the day by coming to school dressed silly.
I came to school with silly hair!

First order of business is Green Eggs and Ham.
We listened to Tim Tebow read it on Youtube.


Then we made Green eggs and ham and had fun eating it.
I loved the comments.
Some thought the flavor had changed and others had trouble even looking at them.
Then there were those students that didn't care and dug right in!


In the afternoon we read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and made an addition story problem while we ate goldfish crackers.



The children had fun making a Cat In the Hat puppet at station time in the morning.



And at the end of the day the children went home with a Cat in the Hat headband to wear to remind them of the fun day we had.

Thursday, February 28, 2013



 Is That in the State Standards?

Yes, it is!
Here are some pictures of our Dinosaur developmental stations. I added dinosaur figures to the block station. The children  are practicing conversation skills and deveoping language skills.

 Not only are the children working on language skills but they are also working on science and the scientific method. They are using critical thinking skills when building towers and "caves" for the dinosaurs.
 Math skills are also being practiced. How big do we need to make the "cave" for 4 dinosaurs? How many blocks do we need to make the "cave" square or rectangle.

And do we need to discuss the social skills that are being developed? Children need this time during the day to become well rounded students.

Another one of our stations is playdough and dinosaur cookie cutters. Fine motor skills are being developed here. We are doing more writing as the year goes on and our fingers need to be strong. Kneeding the playdough and pushing the cookie cutters help our fingers become strong.

 And where would a Kindergarten classroom be without great parent volunteers! Levi's mom helps us every Thursday afternoon. Today she helped the children measure their dinosaurs that they painted yesterday. They used unifix cubes to measure how tall and long their dinosaur was.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Dinosaur Days Begin

We started out dinosaur unit learning about the Brontosaurus. We made a Brontosaurus and read about it and then wrote some interesting facts.

           Chandler is looking for a word on the word bank we made.

 I think the children have really come along with handwriting and forming sentences!

Check back later in the week to see pictures of some of the stations we will explore!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bits and Pieces!

Gingerbread day is always a hit! The children had fun with parents and grandparents.

Then we had 100Day! Yes it was a 2 hour delay that day so we continued the day for a few more days. We made our crowns when we got to school.

 Some children dressed to look 100 years old! It didn't take much for me to look 100 :) but I don't think I have a picture of that sorry.

We wrote numbers to 100 by 10 and made a caterpillar headband...ok I LOVE headbands!  We make them for everything.

 Students counted out 100 of several snacks and we mixed them together and made a 100 day snack!

Parents came in to help us find numbers around the room. Numbers were written on different colors of paper and the children had to find each one and color the square on the 100 chart that color. This took several days to finish.

So that was 100 day!

Now for Valentines Day!
To start out the day we had phase 2 of our park district program. Remember in the fall we went to Stillwater Prarie and learned about trees? Well they came to us this time and we learned a lot more about trees and what gifts they give us. We also learned a song  and made a costume that we will use in May when we go to the Banana slug Concert.

 Then in the afternoon it was Valentine fun time! The children had to write names on their cards as homework and then they had to read the names to hand them out during our party. we had lots of yummy treats too!

Ok so I think I am all caught up and I PROMISE that I will post somethinng every week from here on out! We begin our Dinosaur unit on Monday so there will be lots of fun pictures to come.