Thursday, October 22, 2015

October is Safety Month so we had a visit from the Fire Department. The children got to explore the fire truck.

Then we got to try on some of the gear!

We also had a visit from a Police Officer.
He talked to us about strangers and staying safe.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fun at Brumbaugh Farm

The children had a wonderful time at Brumbaugh Farm!
We arrived and first learned about how bees are needed to make apples and pumpkins grow.
Then we went out to the orchard to learn about how apples are picked.
We listened to another presentation about how apples are sorted and stored.

After this we got to go on a hay wagon to a pumpkin patch to pick out that perfect pumpkin.

After lunch we got to play!

Then it was off to the corn maze!
Then children then enjoyed the zip line. Some were hesitant at the beginning but in end everyone took a ride. Thanks to Mr. Lightner for lifting everyone onto the swing.
And then it was a quiet ride home.

Jackson was a good friend! He let Conner sleep all the way home.

Monday, September 14, 2015

We are off to a  great start in Kindergarten. Here are some pictures from our afternoon Developmental Play Stations. The children love play dough and it really helps to strengthen our hands for handwriting.

Housekeeping helps the children develop social skills and pretending enhances language skills.

Legos, blocks and puzzles develop fine motor skills, social skills and language skills. Believe it or not, these things also help us learn beginning reading skills!

Check back in a few days for some neat pictures of some ocean activities we have done!