Friday, June 22, 2012

Just got back from another day hard a work unpacking boxes and organizing materials!
Empty boxes are now more than full boxes!

The math cabinet is becoming organized as is the cabinets I will use for my guided reading books.

And look at our new rocking chair and rug! The rocking chair is really comfy. I will be spending a lot of time there!

Welcome to the new building!
Remember all of those boxes tha were packed in the old buildig? Well here they are in my new room

The cabinets are glorious! I can't wait to fill them.

Starting to fill them!

 and changing my mind already!

I like the paint above the counter top. Then where do I put everything else?
Books will go all together IN ORDER! I can't wait to be organized! And look the boxes are dwindling :)
Oh my what do I do with all of the craft stuff? That will be my job tomorrow!
Check back for more pictures as I near the end of the boxes!

Everything is packed and ready to go to the new school. It was bittersweet leaving the last day. I have so many memories in this room and of the building and will miss it in many ways. But the new building is ready for us to start making new memories!

Time to start new. Come back tomorrow to see pictures of where all of these boxes ended up!