Friday, December 7, 2012

Where did he go?

Our Gingerbread Man Ran Away!

We read this story about a Gingerbread Man at school. He caused a  lot of problems and eventually got eaten by a dog.

And what do you know...There was a gingerbread man on my desk! We looked at him and decided we would have him for snack so we put him on the counter.

We went about our morning business. We enjoyed our stations. Then I went over by the counter and he was GONE! I asked if anybody ate him and they all said no so we went on a hunt.

We saw Mrs. Vagedes in the hallway. She did not see the Gingerbread man. So we walked on down to the library and Mrs. Brother's was there but she did not see him either. We are really getting concerned at this point.

We then went down to Central Office but no one in there had seen him. We even looked under the Christmas tree but he wasn't there. On the way through the High School we saw a lot of big kids but they hadn't seen him either.

We saw Mrs. Grube in the Middle School office but she could not believe that he ran away and sid that she would keep an eye out for him.
Then Mr. Brumbaugh came to our rescue! He heard some noises in the office and sent us in to check it out.

Mrs. Dafoe and Mrs. Woolery helped us solve the mystery. They took us down the hall and we saw a trashcan turned over.

And chairs were knocked over there was even a chair up on a table! That gingerbread man must be lifting weights in the off season!

And what do you know he was resting on that chair. He must have been worn out from all that running.

The children then helped to clean up the mess and we headed back to the room to eat up the gingerbread man.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gingerbread Time!

Gingerbread Experiment

We have read several versions of The Gingerbread Boy and have started comparing.
In the version on the right the fox says that the gingerbread boy will crumble if he gets wet. So we decided to see if he was right!
So we took this little gingerbread boy and ...

we put him in some water and look what happened! He did crumble! We noticed that he sunk first and then got soft before he crumbled.  We then wrote an interactive chart about what we discovered.

We all enjoyed eating a gingerbread cookie and made a graph of what we bit off first.
Check back tomorrow for more gingerbread fun!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

More Charleston Falls Fun

We see some kids in our class that were with other groups!

The first creature we met was a flying squirrel. She told us that she likes eating nuts and seeds. Sometimes she buries them and forgets where so a tree will grow in the spring.

Then we looked way up high in a tree and saw her nest. She likes climbing up there to rest.

We made a nest and got comfortable. We covered up with leaves to see how warm it could be.
Next we met a racoon. We had to keep quiet about the flying squirrel though because the racoon likes to eat them.

Then we met a beaver. He likes to eat wood so we each found a piece for him to eat.
 He told us about his large tale and how it helps him swim and pat down the mud on his house.

We got to crawl through his house and even add more sticks to it.
 We had a lot of fun and learned a lot too!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Trip to Charelston Falls

We learned a lot about trees at Charleston Falls

We learned that trees provide us with shade.

We listened to a story about a leaf man. We then learned about how wind blows seeds and leaves around and then new trees grow. Each child collected leaves and seeds and made their own leaf man.

Visit our blog tomorrow to find out about the creatures we met in the woods and how they use trees every day!