Friday, February 11, 2011

Money Fun

Our class has been learning about money! The children need to identify a penny, nickle, dime, and quarter. They also need to be able to tell the value of each coin and count groups of coins. We started our unit by reading a poem I found many many years ago called My Jingle Jangle Jacket ( I would love to give credit but have no idea who the author is). We then deocorated a paper jacket cut out with water colors and hung paper coins from it.

                         The children loved this activity and are ready to learn more about money! The following pictures are of some games and center activities that I have made. The first picture is a sorting activity. The second picture is a penny counting activity.

   I have glued coupons to a file folder and then written the amount of money that you would save if you used that coupon. The children need to find the coins to make that amount of money.
   I have a tub filled with rice (children love to play in rice!) and I burried play coins in it. The children find the coins and color in a space on the graph for each coin found.
  We have turned our kitchen area into a store. We have play money, cash registers, purses, grocery bags, grocery items, balances to weigh food, and much more. The children go to this center during our math rotations.

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