Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Fun Easter Games and Centers

I found a bunny note pad and wrote an additon equation on one and the answer on another or I put a number on one and a number word on the other and the children had to answer. Below is a picture of the addition game.

A couple of years ago I found bunny and chick tic-tac-toe games. The children have to read a color word,  number word or sight word and then they put a piece on the board. The first with tic-tac-toe wins! Then they get to play again.

We have 2 number word games with plastic eggs. One  is a game where the children have to match the top of the egg which has the number on it to the bottom of the egg which has the number word on it. Then the children have to put the correct number of bunny erasers in the egg. Then another  game is made of Easter plastic egg necklaces cut apart. The children pick a number word card and count that number of beads to put on the card.

This time of year we are working on ending sounds so I have made a couple games using notepads that I found a couple years ago at Meijer. The children look at pictures and match correct ending sound to the picture.

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