Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wow! It has been a long time!

Well I am going to try to catch up this weekend and then post something a couple times a week.
Before the Christmas break we had our Gingerbread Day! It was a huge success and I thank everyone that came to  have fun with us.

When we came back from break we started right in on Winter and my favorite unit during the winter is The Mitten Unit. We read several versions of the Mitten and compare and contrast them. We also talk about the characters, setting and the ending of all the stories.

We make a pair of rhyming mittens and decorate them. The worksheet is from Mailbox Teacher Helper magazine.
Our favorite part of the unit is of course Mitten Milk! We put the ingredients into a plastic bag and then into a larger plastic bag with salt and ice and shake shake shake! With mittens on of course! This mixture turns into ice cream (sometimes they don't shake long enough and we get more of a milkshake that is why we call it mitten milk).
Our student teacher and Josh's mom help us put the ingredients into the bags.

Then we shake, shake, shake!!!
Yummy! Then we eat the ice cream. Everyone shook long enough to make ice cream!
I will post the graphs we made and the comparison chart next week.

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