Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mrs. Busse Gets Ready for Kindergarten!

Here are a few pictures of what I have done in the classroom this week.
The reading group area is set up.

We will sit here and learn to read! All of the books we need are in the cupboards behind the table.

This is my desk and our whole group area. I have some great stories picked out for the begining of the school year. There is a carpet in front of the rocking chair for each of you to sit on!

This is our Smart Board. It is a big computer. We will do the calander, reading stories, learn math skills and even watch some learning videos on it.

We will have 4 computers for you to work on during work stations.

Here is a picture of our tables and chairs. Some of the chairs are blue and some are green.

This is our painting and craft area. I hope you like to paint because we paint every day!

Stop back tomorrow for more pictues as I finish getting the room ready for YOUR first day of Kindergarten :)

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