Thursday, February 28, 2013



 Is That in the State Standards?

Yes, it is!
Here are some pictures of our Dinosaur developmental stations. I added dinosaur figures to the block station. The children  are practicing conversation skills and deveoping language skills.

 Not only are the children working on language skills but they are also working on science and the scientific method. They are using critical thinking skills when building towers and "caves" for the dinosaurs.
 Math skills are also being practiced. How big do we need to make the "cave" for 4 dinosaurs? How many blocks do we need to make the "cave" square or rectangle.

And do we need to discuss the social skills that are being developed? Children need this time during the day to become well rounded students.

Another one of our stations is playdough and dinosaur cookie cutters. Fine motor skills are being developed here. We are doing more writing as the year goes on and our fingers need to be strong. Kneeding the playdough and pushing the cookie cutters help our fingers become strong.

 And where would a Kindergarten classroom be without great parent volunteers! Levi's mom helps us every Thursday afternoon. Today she helped the children measure their dinosaurs that they painted yesterday. They used unifix cubes to measure how tall and long their dinosaur was.

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