Friday, March 25, 2011

Dinosaur Museum

Wow! Look at those dinosaurs! We had a great time preforming for our parents and grandparents on Wednesday. This activity culminated our Dinosaur Unit. We studies dinosaur facts for 4 weeks and wanted to show off all we now know for our loved ones. The children sang songs and recited dinosaur facts and then walked their parents around the room to see all of the projects they did during the unit.

We made paper machie dinosaur eggs! Thank you to all the parents that helped us with this messy project.
The children really enjoyed making fossils and cracking them apart to discover a dinosaur! The children mixed the plaster in a paper cup and put a dinosaur in it and then it hardened. When we pretended to be palentologists and cracked them open the children were surprised to see such great looking fossils!

The children wrote dinosaur facts after we read non-fiction dinosaur books

Children always love building with blocks so we added dinosaurs to our block center. It was a ROARING good time!!
They also loved doing all of the dinosaur puzzles.

We read books and posters to learn all about dinosaurs and how they lived. We kept a Palentologist journal. We never figured out how dinosaurs died out. We all have different theories.

The children were most proud of our dinosaur mural in the hallway! Well all the dinosaurs are extinct in our room now and we will move on to learn all about bugs after sring break!

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