Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting Ready for School Day 1

Wow! I couldn't believe that I really have that much stuff! I walked in and didn't know where to start. I remembered the Book Study this summer and focused my energy and thought on one area of the room at a time. Let's see how that works!
I moved everything away from the front of the room and prepared my group area.
I started with my corner "office" by placing 2 storage cabinets next to each other and placing my computer and printer there. Then my big book easel and rocking chair were added.
I then put up the paper and added all of the calendar pieces. Then I sorted through cds, poetry and song books, teacher made interactive reading charts, teacher made books to go along with songs and poems and added them to this area. I put my pointers and other things I use during calendar next to my computer on the storage cabinets. Believe it or not this area came together easily by staying focused and concentrating only on this area!

Now for the next area of the room ???

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