Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where it all goes down Wednesday!

We have Welcome Night on Monday Night! Tuesday is a workday and the little darlings start on Wednesday.  We have a third of the children come on each day that first week of school so we only have about 6 children each day. The parents come with them for the first hour so that we can introduce all the "school stuff"  and answer any questions. The parents then leave and we show the small group around the room and school and run them through the daily routines. So I am excited to get started on Wednesday and I think my room is ready, take a look!
Book Buddy bags are hanging and ready to be filled. Each day the children take a book home to read and bring back the bag and book the next day to get a new one.
The reading center is ready for children to grab baskets and look at books. The bathtub is to read in or they can sit on the carpets to share a story. Off to the side is a taperecorder so they can listen to books on tape.
The sand table is filled with sand and seashells to start the year. And the art center in next to the sand table . Children paint at the easel everyday.
This is where many of my math manipulatives are housed. At the beginning of the year we sort and work on patterns. All the tubs are filled with fun little items to practice these skills.
And this is the group area. We sing songs, read stories, work with the calendar and have lots of learning fun in this area.
So I believe I am ready! I can't wait to meet the children at Welcome Night on Monday!

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