Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet Room 3

At the beginning of the school year I have the children make graphs so that we can learn about each other. The first day we make a boy/girl graph. We then make graphs for hair color, age, what hand we write with, eye color, if we have brothers and sisters and so on. I have several objectives here, first name writing. Every morning the children write their name on a card to put on the graph. Second, to understand how to answer a question. And third, to learn how a graph works and how to gather information. I then display our graphs in the hallway.

After we have gathered information we make a glyph and display them with our graphs. If they are a boy they have a rectangle body and girls have a triangle body. If they write right handed they have square hands and left handers have circle hands. Blonde haired children used yellow paper and children with brown hair used brown hair.Five year olds have green feet and six year olds have orange feet. The children enjoyed comparing the glyphs.

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