Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Working at Sorting Stations

At the beginning of Kindergarten we work hard on learning to sort. We have learned about sorting by color, shape and size. We will continue to sort in many different ways in the upcoming weeks. We will sort buttons by number of holes they have. We will sort bears by how they are holding their arms. We will sort golf tees  by what they are made of (plastic or wood). The children are enjoying these sorting activities. These activities will progress into making patterns. I have included some fun pictures of some of the sorting stations.
 These children are sorting pegs by color.

 These students are sorting bears by color.
 These students are sorting mice by color.

 These students are sorting animals by color.
 These students are sorting pattern blocks by shape.

 These students are sorting foam cubes by shape and color.
These students are sorting rings by color.

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  1. This is a great activity and I love the pictures. It's so appropriate for this age. Later in the year you could have a recording sheet for the sort... maybe? Thanks for sharing.