Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Study

I joined a wonderful book study!
I am already excited about getting my math area organized for next year after reading the first two chapters.
I differentiate my stations  by using materials that the children can adapt to their own level. For example unifix cubes may be at the pattern station at the beginning of the year. One child may be making an ABABAB pattern on his own while another student may need a card that models the pattern to be made. Other students may be making a more complex pattern.
Right now I keep them on shelves along the wall but I set the materials out and the children use what they need at the station. I add materials after we have used them for a math lesson. We are moving into a new building fall of 2012 and I am hoping that I have a space that I can dedicate to only math.
Organization is where I struggle. I have a lot of STUFF. I have taught for 28 years and cannot stand to see thing thrown away. I do use most of everything but I am not sure if it is used to it's full potential because I other STUFF to replace it with quickly.
After reading these chapters I have been motivated to organize and purge!!

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