Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chapter 5 Addition and Subtraction

I have taught for 28 years and never taught math using a math series. I have been trained in Math Their Way several times over  the years and use the book that Mrs. Wills mentioned on her page

I think this is why Debbie Diller's book is making so much sense to me. The philosophy is similar to Math Their Way. Though I am learning a lot about how to make the activities much more meaningful than what I have been doing. I do, like I have read many of you do, begin addition and subtraction in the spring and that does not leave much time fot the children to become fluent with the skill. I believe I will begin additon and subtraction earlier in the year next year.

Story Mats
I do use story mats and have a lot of manipulatives that go along with them. What I am going to add next year is math talk cards and more story problems. Along with a lot more modeling.

Math Games
When I use the games and activities next year I will group my cards by what math facts I want the children to focus on (8 + , 9+ and so on) or what strategy I want to focus on (doubles, doubles + 1...)

Math Observation Notebook
I will keep a notebook next year as well. Noticing what children are doing and what they are talking about during stations. This will help me know when I need to change some activities and when children need to move on to other skill areas.

Introduction Activity
I begin my addition unit using egg cartons with the numbers 1 - 12 written in the egg sections in order. I roll a large soft die (or roll one on the Smartboard) and the children put that many objects into the egg cups (I usually start out with cereal or goldfish crackers. Food seems to grab their interest) Then I roll the other die and the children pick up that many more objects (I make them put the second set of objects in their hand before adding them to the cups) we then put them in the egg carton with the other objects and then we count to find the answer.

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  1. This author also has a book on addition and subtraction but it is a bit expensive. I think I am going to buy it because I love the number sense one so much! Have you heard of Box It and Bag It. It is similar to Math Their Way and you might buy a used copy. It has some great ideas. Thanks for your great reflections. I enjoy reading them.

  2. I do have the other 2 books and love them. My school bought them for me a number of years ago. And I do know about the Box It and Bag It. I went to some workshops years ago. I have made the painted lima beans into pumpkins, ladybugs and much more along with the mats. I am enjoying the book study and am so glad you started it. I love reading all of the posts!

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