Monday, June 13, 2011

A little bit now A little bit later

Chapter 4 has sooo much information. As I read it I began making my daily schedule out and writing down what stations I want to create for next year.  I use my calendar to emphasize many of the number concepts like before, after, more, less, tens, ones , and combinations of numbers to make other numbers.  I like to use playing cards to play partner games to work on more and less. I like the activity in the book using playing cards to make 2 digit numbers and comparing the numbers.

As we learn about each number I have the children make a journal about the number. For example if the numer is five the student will create 5 in a different way on each page of the journal.

The children use pattern blocks to create numbers, 2 blue blocks and 3 yelllow blocks make 5.

I really like the  math talk cards and will add those to my stations.

I will take some pictures and be back to continue chapter 4 tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for linking up to me! I have enjoyed reading your posts and your thoughts on Chapter #4.